2-Page Resume vs 1-Page Resume: Debunking the Myths and Best Practices

2-Page professional resume writing

The Truth About 2-Page Resumes

My initial recommendation for a 2-page resume is based on best practices in professional resume writing. Anyone who suggests a 1-page resume is better may not be well-versed in these practices.

Quality Matters More Than Length

The length of a resume is not the issue; quality is what matters. A shorter resume does not necessarily guarantee a more effective one. Besides, the notion that HR professionals only spend a few seconds reviewing resumes is a myth. While computers may take seconds to screen resumes, it’s not a professional approach for a human recruiter to do the same.

Talent is the lifeblood of any organization, and it’s detrimental to only review a 1-page resume while discarding a 2-page resume. An ATS system usually requires 2 pages of content to meet the application requirements, and a 1-page resume has a lower chance of approval. HR teams that only review 1-page resumes may signal low-quality hiring and a toxic work environment.

ATS Systems and 2-Page Resumes

It’s a misconception that a 1-page resume is better than a 2-page resume. Common sense indicates that a 2-page resume has a better chance of meeting the ATS content requirements. Recruiters and hiring managers have a work requirement to read resumes and cover letters, and reading a 2-page document takes only a few minutes. It’s like asking a CFO not to bother reading the company’s P&L or balance sheet; it’s an essential part of their job.

While I recommend a comprehensive 2-page resume, I also provide a 1-page option for those who have difficulty with longer resumes. It can be submitted along with the 2-page version to cater to different reading preferences.



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