Business Coaching Services for Entry-Level to C-Level Professionals

Ivy League Resumes offers comprehensive business coaching, either as a stand-alone service or as part of your custom resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimization package. Whether you want to gain potent insights and skills for an effective interview, guidance that will focus your career goals, or improve your performance in the executive and C-level marketplace, Keith Lawrence Miller will personally see to your unique vision of success.

While utilizing all the business coaching industry certifications such as CPRW, PCC, BCC and EQi-2.0 Certified Practitioner, the following service options are made available:

  • Interview Coaching
  • Professional Career Coaching
  • Personality Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Comprehensive Interview Coaching

Whether you want to enter the work force with confidence, refine your interview skills to overcome past challenges, or grow a lasting skillset that goes beyond interview preparation, Keith Lawrence Miller’s interview coaching session will serve you well.

This power-packed Interview Coaching Session takes 1 hour to complete, and the process is intense, experiential, and proven to provide the necessary skills for an effective interview. The process includes:

  • A co-active mock interview covering all potential questions and answers in alignment with the specific client requirements of your target position/s
  • Custom script development detailing your background information, expertise, and key achievements pertaining to your desired position/s
  • Removal of negative behaviors by co-developing correct delivery, content, tone, and influence using psychology and HR best practices
  • Important insights from a hiring manager’s perspective when looking for the ideal candidate

Professional Career Coaching

Service Level II Customers benefit from in-depth career coaching provided by a Board-Certified Career Coach and ICF Credentialed Career Coach. There are (3) professional career coaching categories to choose from depending on your level of expertise including, Senior-Level, Executive-Level, and C-Level. During this one-hour telephone conversation, we will discuss your background and gather information needed to complete your custom resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimization.

Keith Lawrence Millers offers a wealth of insight via executive-level career coaching which provides many lasting benefits including:

  • Gain insights into your personal and career attributes from a trained outside perspective
  • Identify the ideal workplace for your career goals and abilities
  • Develop a clear picture of your career goals and the necessary steps toward success
  • Learn how to transition into a new role after promotion or re-enter the workforce
  • Enhance self-marketing though proven psychology and HR insights
  • Reduce work-related stress for a well-balanced professional life

Emotional Intelligence Assessments (EQi-2.0) and Personality Assessments(NEO-PI)

Emotional intelligence and career success go hand-in-hand, which is why Keith Lawrence Miller, an EQi-2.0 Certified Practitioner, is proud to offer professional personality assessments and emotional intelligent assessments.

It is common place for high-level employers to require professional personality assessments and emotional intelligence assessments as a means for gauging leadership competency. Emotional intelligence allows one to navigate challenging situations with clarity of thought and precise action while fostering a thriving workplace.

Allow Keith Lawrence Miller to conduct your assessments in a confidential space while offering guidance towards overcoming known and unknown obstacles. The purpose is to:

  • Obtain a comprehensive written report including charts and graphs that promote an understanding of both positive and negative behaviors
  • Co-develop an effective action plan for overcoming internal and external obstacles associated with work, life, relationships, employees, leadership, and organization dynamics
  • Gain emotional intelligence skills, allowing you to navigate difficult people and complex situations, remain calm under extreme pressure, and make quality leadership decisions

***Emotional Intelligence is a learned ability that can be improved and strengthened with psychological strategies and personal development.

(2) assessments (Personality and EQ) and two coaching calls to debrief and formulate actionable goals. This service is available to our Senior-Level, Executive-Level, and C-Level Professionals.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments (EQi-2.0) and Personality Assessments (NEO-PI)

Evaluate your leadership potential with a personality assessment and emotional intelligence assessment provided by a qualified professional. Emotional intelligence allows one to navigate challenging situations with clarity of thought and precise action while fostering a thriving workplace.

Each Session features (2) Assessments and (2) Coaching Calls.

  • Senior level ($399.95)
  • Executive-level ($499.95)
  • C-Level ($599.95)
  • Additional Coaching Call: $99.95

What is the EQi-2.0?
EQi-2.0 is the industry leading, cross-culturally validated and proven reliable & valid robust assessment of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with 133 questions detailing 5 main areas with 15 sub-scales which are mutually independent, but combine to form the individualized and complete Emotional Intelligence score. Emotional Intelligence is a predictor of performance above and beyond Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) which is mutually exclusive and predictive of achievement by up to 27-45% beyond cognitive intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is a learned ability that can be improved and strengthened through psychological strategies and personal development.

The EQi-2.0 Assessment is administered online and comes complete with a comprehensive report outlining strengths and weaknesses including charts, graphs, detailed data and information to provide insight into each aspect of emotional intelligence. Each domain of emotional intelligence can be improved upon once the situational impact and reaction (behavior) is fully understood. During the coaching engagement, a coactive analysis of the data and report are completed within an open-ended, confidential and safe-space to discuss pros, cons, and possible causes of positive and negative emotional intelligence to acquire a holistic understanding of the internal forces that dictate external behaviors.

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