Should my resume be 2 pages or 1?

The belief that a 1 page resume is better than a 2 page resume is a complete misconception. ATS/HRIS systems screen resumes for content that meets the requirements of the job description. Because a 2 page resume has more content, it gives you a better chance of meeting the requirements. If a 1 page resume doesn’t include enough content to meet a position’s requirements, the software it instantly rejects it and it is never seen by a hiring manager. That’s why Ivy League Resumes de

What is the ATS System?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is a resume-scanning software that filters applicants based on keywords and formatting. To write a quality resume, you need to be well-versed in the ATS process. If your resume doesn’t meet ATS requirements, it is highly unlikely that the right people will see your application. That’s where Ivy League Resumes comes in.
To ensure your resume stands out in ATS-driven searches, Ivy League Resumes analyzes your application using similar technology. Then, our expert writers break down this analysis to determine the best strategy for making your resume more effective.
I have created well over 1,000 resumes for clients, all of which have gone on to receive numerous interview invitations and quickly secure higher paying positions.

What is the Value of LinkedIn and what is your development process?

Overall, the LinkedIn profile optimization is your online resume which allows you to market your specific brand online across the #1 professional networking site. Over 80% of all recruiters and hiring managers utilize LinkedIn to identify candidates for the positions that they have available and having the right information on your profile allows them to find you similar to a homing beacon. Boosting your professional network allows you access to potential opportunities that would otherwise not be realized and presenting yourself in a professional manner on LinkedIn creates an impression on your target audience. Perception is reality and having the right professional presentation absolutely translates monetarily.

Development process for the LinkedIn profile optimization:
I will completely revise, update and develop all of your information offline including all of the necessary keywords and content to drive the right traffic to your profile and I will send over the first draft of your new LinkedIn profile information for your review and feedback. Based on your feedback, I will apply all the necessary updates to ensure that everything is perfect. From there, I will require temporary login information where I will complete all of the necessary onpage optimization while making your profile completely private so no one receives any updates or anything like that. I will contact you as soon as everything is complete for your final review and then make your profile public, endorse all of your skills, and connect you with the top groups to support you with the networking process on LinkedIn. It is a comprehensive process with value that far exceeds the cost of service.

Why do I need a resume?

The resume is an important piece of your professional messaging similar to wearing a suit or jogging pants during a professional interview. The resume is the key that unlocks the proverbial door to opportunity. The resume is your representative, your 1st impression, and forms an impression about you for your target audience before the interview. A decision to interview you for the position is based on the impression that the resume makes which is why your resume is a valuable asset for your career growth and overall quality of life. What type of impression are you making and how many opportunities are you missing?

The resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are your representatives and your first impression on the target audience. They need to clearly, concisely, and professionally convey your value-added contributions in alignment with the requirements of the target positions by highlighting your previous achievements and abilities correctly and in an action-focused, engaging, and compelling way. Their quality and ability to positively influence is your specific brand/packaging/marketing since you are or will be a product seeking the highest paying buyer, and they are and will always be predictive of your market value or your compensation ceiling. The investment generates significant ROI when done correctly and there are very few providers generating high-quality, customized deliverables.

What is the engagement process?

The resume development process begins with a comprehensive proposal outlining the entire process and associated costs, which are based on your specific experience and service level requirements.

You will be working directly and exclusively with Keith Lawrence Miller from start-to-finish and he will guide you through the entire process using white glove service.

Once you select the appropriate package, you will either receive a questionnaire to gather additional information or schedule an in-depth coaching conversation to confidentially discuss your background information and future career goals.

Keith will gather all of your information in an open-ended conversation while addressing all questions regarding the resume strategy and job application process.

Once all of your information is collected, Keith will perform in-depth research on target sectors and positions to acquire the additional keywords, ensuring that your professional documentation meets all of the ATS system requirements, thus allowing you to secure the ‘right interviews for the right positions’.

The resume development process is completed for your review and feedback within 1 week. Based on your feedback, Keith will apply the necessary updates while simultaneously developing your new cover letter within 24 hours. There are (2) revisions per document and all resumes come with a 60-day interview guarantee, which means that you are guaranteed to receive an interview within 60 days or Keith will perform an analysis as to why no interviews were acquired and he will complete a new resume for you at no additional charge.

What is the Guarantee?

60 Day Interview Guarantee– You will receive a fully
revised version of the finalized resume based on the analysis of why an interview was not acquired within 60 days and
your resume will be completely revamped at no
additional charge.

What is the timeline for completion?

Timeline: 1 Week from start-to-finish (Included) or 48 Hour Expedited Services (Additional $149.95)

How to proceed with the resume engagement?

Please select the service level that works best for you (SL1, SL2, or SL3), and please share any information you may have regarding your professional experience such as your existing resume and I will follow up with next steps shortly after receiving your confirmation or go to to select and purchase the service package and I will take care of the entire process from start to finish.

Do you have experience?

Yes, I have written thousands of resumes for up to the C-level on an international scale for practically every type of position imaginable and possess the highest credential held by less than 100 providers out of tens of thousands along with one of the top degrees worldwide in business psychology and human behavior in the workplace.

Will I be working directly with you or someone else?

We will be working together exclusively and I will be completely customizing and optimizing your entire professional documentation. All communications are directly with me and I will be handling everything from start-to-finish as opposed to other resume service providers.

Do you have specific resume samples?

Resume samples for specific positions or industries are not provided on-demand since all engagements are maintained confidential and to prevent plagiarism. Link to publically available resume samples:

Do you offer a FREE 15 minute consultation?

There are no free calls offered and a separate consultation would be $49.95 per 30 minutes. However, the call is conveniently included via SL2 where we would discuss everything in detail regarding your professional experience and future career goals.

But other providers offer a free call?

They offer a 15 minute sales pitch delivered from someone who is going to outsource your work requirements to someone else who has limited-to-no real credentials or expertise using copy, paste, poor grammar, and low quality content (resume mill). The sales process will be focused on pumping fear about how terrible your resume is with generic analysis and that you have only a few seconds for someone to read your resume (myths with no foundation).

Is the service too expensive?

The price is extremely fair or underpriced. Research real competitors and you will see they offer half the deliverables for double the cost. Lower-tiered providers offer low-quality resumes approximately $100 less which are 1/10th of an Ivy League Resume deliverable or something that takes 1 hour to produce, is copied and pasted from other resumes, contains poor grammar, service with generic engagement, and will make you look under-qualified…but saved $100.

Real resume writers who are credentialed/talented, and provide quality resume deliverables, easily charge $1K and up for a resume (i.e. or My services deliver the highest quality for the lowest cost within the elite category. There really is no comparison and my clients have reaped the rewards, securing better positions, within shorter timelines, higher salary, more power, happier family, and better quality of life.

Is the engagement customized, outsourced, or copy and paste?

No two resumes are the same and everything is customized based on your professional background in alignment with your future career goals to meet the computer system/ATS requirements, thus securing the right interviews for the right positions. Other providers are offering off-the-shelf resume solutions (copy and paste) and initially contacting you with business representatives, pairing you with low-quality providers with limited credentials using a basic universal template based on industry and experience level.

What is the value of having a professional LinkedIn profile?

The LinkedIn profile is your online resume which allows you to market your specific brand online across the #1 professional networking site. Over 90% of all recruiters and hiring managers utilize LinkedIn to identify candidates for available positions. Therefore, having the right information on your profile allows them to find you which is similar to a matching game. Boosting your professional network enables access to potential opportunities that would otherwise not be realized and presenting yourself in a professional manner on LinkedIn creates a positive impression on your target audience. Your LinkedIn profile taps into the hidden job market and is a passive job application mechanism that generates ROI. Perception is reality and having the right professional presentation translates monetarily.

1 Page vs. 2 Page Resume – why 2 Pages is better:

Thinking that a 1 page resume is better than a 2 page resume is a complete misconception and applying some common sense quickly clears up the confusion. For example, the ATS/HRIS system screens the resume for content to see if the application meets the requirements of the job description. If a 2 page resume has more content, would a 1 page resume or a 2 page resume have a better chance of meeting the requirements? Without meeting the requirements, a resume is instantly rejected by the software and no one ever gets a chance to review your qualifications which promotes lost opportunity, etc. which is why I developed a comprehensive 2 page resume for you to ensure that you acquire interviews.

Please note that it is the recruiter/hiring manager’s responsibility and work requirement to read resumes and cover letters. It is the same as asking if someone would not bother to read the P&L or balance sheet but they are in charge of the company’s budget.

What other services do you offer and how much do they cost?

  • LinkedIn Profile Development ($199.95-$599.95) (Most Popular!)
  • 48 Hour Expedited Services ($149.95-$299.95)
  • Recruiter Resume Distribution ($299.95)
  • LinkedIn Network Optimization (500+ Connections) ($399.95)
  • Executive Bio (199.95-$499.95)
  • Interview Coaching (1-Hour with Recording and Transcript)($149.95-$199.95)
  • Thank you Letter ($49.95)
  • Cover Letter Only ($49.95-$199.95)

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy: All sales are final. No full or partial refunds after 1st draft documentation is submitted to the client. There are no refunds included in the engagement once the first draft has been completed and provided to the client since the engagement is customized to the specific person. Refunds can be provided prior to receipt of any deliverables or services.

Is my information maintained private?

Privacy Policy: All information is maintained confidential and not shared with any 3rd party without full consent of the client. Final deliverables and content belong to the client based on full payment of services and deliverables.

What industries, positions, companies, and countries do you have experience with?

My experience spans 60+ industries (including but not limited to):

Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, Agriculture, Education, Real Estate, Transportation and Logistics, Hospitality and Tourism, Entertainment and Media, Pharmaceuticals, Marketing, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Food and Beverage, Telecommunications, Professional Services, Insurance, Biotechnology, Environmental Services, Consumer Goods, Information Services, Chemicals

…spanning a gamut of positions (including, but not limited to):

Entry-Level Positions: Administrative Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Junior Financial Analyst, Human Resources Assistant, Sales Coordinator, IT Support Technician, Project Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, Operations Assistant, Research Assistant

Mid-Level Positions: Operations Manager, Senior Analyst, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager, Account Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, IT Manager, Financial Analyst, Executive Assistant

Senior-Level Positions: Director of Operations, Senior Manager of Marketing, Vice President of Sales, Director of Human Resources, Senior Project Manager, Vice President of Finance, Director of Research and Development, Senior IT Manager, Vice President of Operations, Director of Customer Service

Executive-Level Positions: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Investment Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Research Officer, Chief Engineer

Other Types of Positions: Medical Doctor (MD), Neurosurgeon, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Registered Nurse (RN), Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Dentist, Orthodontist, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Biomedical Scientist, Aerospace Engineer, Civil Engineer, Software Developer, Data Scientist, Nuclear Engineer, Patent Attorney, Investment Banker, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), College Professor, Architect, Veterinarian, Forensic Analyst, Environmental Scientist, Marine Biologist, Geologist, Urban Planner, Actuary, Industrial Psychologist, Robotics Engineer, Statistician, Speech-Language Pathologist, Genetic Counselor, Astrophysicist, Molecular Biologist, Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Music Conductor, Choreographer, Fashion Designer, Film Director, Art Curator, Gemologist, Oceanographer, Meteorologist, Aeronautical Engineer, Endocrinologist, Ethnomusicologist, Prosthodontist, Paleontologist

And I have helped 1000s of clients either belonging to or securing a position with the following companies (including, but not limited to):

Accenture, Alphabet Inc.,, Inc., American Express Company, Apple Inc., Bank of America Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-B), Boston Scientific Corporation, Broadcom Inc., Capital One Financial Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Coca-Cola Company, CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc., Delta Air Lines, Inc., Edward Jones, Eli Lilly and Company, EY (Ernst & Young), Exxon Mobil Corporation, FedEx Corporation, Fidelity Investments, Garmin Ltd., Google, Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., Home Depot, Inc., Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Marriott International, Inc., Mastercard Incorporated, Merck & Co., Inc., Meta Platforms, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Nvidia Corporation, PepsiCo, Inc., Perkins Coie LLP, Pfizer Inc., Quicken Loans Inc.,, Inc., ServiceNow, Inc., Slalom Consulting, Southwest Airlines Co., Stryker Corporation, Tesla, Inc., The Boston Consulting Group, Inc., The Clorox Company, The Procter & Gamble Company, Trader Joe’s, U.S. Bank, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, Visa Inc., Walmart Inc., Workday, Inc., World Wide Technology, Inc.

Across multiple countries (including, but not limited to): United States, China, India, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Italy, Korea, Spain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Argentina, Austria, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Hong Kong, Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, Romania, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Qatar