Unraveling the Enigma of Power: Perception, Attraction, and Control


Summary: This article delves into the complex concept of power, exploring its various forms, stages, and perceptions. Drawing from psychological theories such as David McClelland’s human needs and French & Raven’s 5 Bases of Power, examining the inherent attractiveness of power as a universal human need. It also discusses the delicate balance between possessing power…

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The Power of Self-Leadership, Mentorship, and Parenting: Shaping a Better World


Abstract: Effective leadership begins with self-awareness and self-leadership, which can be nurtured through leadership coaching. By focusing on personal growth and fostering meaningful connections, leaders can inspire others to reach their full potential. This article explores the role of self-leadership, mentorship, and parenting in shaping a better world. Introduction: Leadership coaching aims to enhance leadership…

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Unlocking Your Full Potential: Overcoming the Barriers to Career Advancement


Abstract: Career professionals often face barriers that prevent them from realizing their full potential. This article discusses the most common obstacles, such as limited self-belief, self-defeating behaviors, and misaligned goals, and provides guidance on overcoming them for successful career development. Introduction: As career professionals, we sometimes underestimate our own abilities, holding ourselves back from achieving…

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The Evolution of Leadership: Embracing Diversity and Adaptability in a Changing World


Introduction: Abraham Maslow once noted that Peter Drucker’s management principles apply well to leaders who have reached the pinnacle of human development, having fulfilled all their needs and requirements in life. However, the landscape of leadership has significantly evolved, and the strategies that once worked for a small minority of prototypical leaders no longer suffice…

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Leadership Coaching: The Antidote to Poor Management and Employee Frustration


People quit their boss, not their jobs, and there is a solution that benefits everyone. Introduction: Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, yet many find themselves resigning due to dissatisfaction and frustration. While most people are passionate about their work, they can’t help but feel disheartened when managed poorly. The high turnover rate in…

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The Impact of Innate Behaviors on Leadership and Decision-Making


Summary This article examines the link between innate behaviors from infancy and their influence on leadership and decision-making. The study highlights the significance of understanding in-group and out-group dynamics in effective leadership and emphasizes the importance of education in overcoming unconscious biases and fostering better decision-making. By recognizing the impact of these inborn behaviors, leaders…

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