Resume, Cover Letter & Linkedin Optimization Package



For your resume, your information will be developed into a new high-level format that will clearly convey your expertise, accomplishments and abilities. We will work together to collect all of the information by phone or e-mail to comprehensively develop the best resume and cover letter possible to support your career development and growth in alignment with the requirements of your target positions by utilizing industry best practices and highlighting transferrable skills (KSAs). Your resume content, design and perception will be completely customized, revitalized and optimized to the highest standard available while meeting all HRIS/ATS system requirements. You will also receive a high-level, targeted cover letter that can be slightly adjusted for a variety of similar positions. You will receive your final professional documentation in Word doc and PDF. Your new resume & cover letter will be completed within 1 week of our initial engagement. The first draft of your new resume takes the longest amount of time to complete due to the comprehensive nature and complexity of the process but everything will move much faster after the first draft is completed. All of the updates will be completed within approximately 1 day of receiving the initial feedback on the first draft resume. The new cover letter will be completed within approximately 1 day after the resume is completed.


For the LinkedIn Profile Optimization, you will receive a winning professional bio (2K characters) introducing and highlighting your expertise and achievements. The profile will consist of targeted keywords and phrases to attract the right recruiters and hiring managers to secure new opportunities (public and private). Your headline will be optimized with the right keywords (120 characters); bullet points in each experience section will be action-focused and enhanced throughout your profile using content that will increase your profile ranking in LinkedIn’s recruiter search tool. I will create and endorse all 50 of professional skills and connect your profile with LinkedIn’s top groups to support your professional network development. You will receive a custom url, all technical issues will be corrected, and all best practices will be utilized. Process: The content will be initially developed offline which is a comprehensive process; you will receive the 1st draft document for review and feedback; based on your feedback, I will apply all the necessary updates to ensure 100% accuracy; I will then require a temporary password, where I go into your profile and make everything completely private for security and privacy reasons so no updates or profile access are available; I then complete all of the onpage optimization from start-to-finish; contact you immediately upon completion for your final review; I will then make your profile public, endorse all of your skills and connect your profile with the top groups to maximize your networking capabilities shortly after receiving your confirmation that everything is ready to go-live. The engagement takes 1 week to complete when done independently of the resume and cover letter, and approximately 2-3 days when combined with the resume engagement. The LinkedIn profile optimization is your online resume which markets your specific brand online across the #1 professional networking site. Over 80% of recruiters and hiring managers utilize LinkedIn to identify candidates for available positions and having the right information on your profile allows them to find you similar to a matching game. Boosting your professional network enables access to potential opportunities that would otherwise not be realized and presenting yourself in a professional manner on LinkedIn creates a positive impression on your target audience. Perception is reality and having the right professional presentation translates monetarily.