LinkedIn Profile Optimization

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  • Communication via E-mail and Questionnaire Included
  • (2) Revisions per Document
  • Complete On-Page LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Group Connections and 50 Skills Endorsed
Provide Feedback on the 1st Draft by Phone: Add $49.95


Includes everything from Service-Level 1 along with the ‘Coaching Call’. Initial Career Coaching Call (Up to 1 Hour) – We will discuss current and future career goals to gather additional said & unsaid information in an open-ended conversational setting, building the foundation of your new LinkedIn profile information and to answer any career or LinkedIn-focused questions while providing necessary insights based on psychological perspectives and best practices, which spans up to 1 hour as needed. Your information will be gathered and developed in place of the questionnaire to streamline and simplify the engagement process.

LinkedIn Gold – The Golden Touch of Ivy League Resumes!

What is LinkedIn and Why is it Important? is the greatest free professional networking tool ever created. It is an integral aspect of the job application process and career journey which generates significant value-added benefits. Your LinkedIn profile is an essential ingredient in representing your brand publically and professionally, in conjunction with your resume, cover letter, and networking bio. When applying for a position, you become a product, and a product is valued based on its promotion and branding. LinkedIn is your online resume, promotional branding, and agent representative that generates professional engagement and drives profitability when utilized correctly. For the job search, LinkedIn is by far the most important tool to passively engage hiring managers, recruiters, and new job postings. Your LinkedIn profile performs as an independent, passive search mechanism that pulls opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable.

linkedin LinkedIn is the #1 site for new job searches because 87%+ of recruiters use LinkedIn to source new candidates for jobs and 94%+ of recruiters utilize LinkedIn to vet job candidates (Jobscan, 2019). Your LinkedIn profile is analyzed by the ATS prior to accepting the resume to ensure alignment with job description/keywords; therefore, it is vital to maintain a properly updated LinkedIn profile for sourcing new positions. LinkedIn offers job recommendations and adjusts your search and shared content based on information listed on your profile. A complete and optimized LinkedIn profile creates a multifaceted approach towards the job search and generates more opportunities with less effort.

Linkedin Profile Optimization:

For the LinkedIn Profile Optimization, you will receive a winning professional bio (2,600 characters) introducing and highlighting your expertise and achievements along with targeted keywords and phrases to attract the right recruiters and hiring managers to secure new opportunities (public and private). Your headline will be optimized with the proper keywords (220 characters); bullet points in each experience section will be action-focused and enhanced throughout your profile using content that will increase your profile ranking in LinkedIn’s Recruiter search tool. All of your 50 professional skills will be developed and endorsed, and your profile will be connected with LinkedIn’s Top Groups to boost your professional engagements. You will receive a customized url, all technical issues will be corrected, and all best practices will be utilized.

Engagement Includes:

Full Onpage Optimization | 2600 character Professional Bio | 220 character headline

Customized url | new header/background photo | 50 Skills posted and endorsed

All experience and education sections fully updated and optimized for LinkedIn search features | Connection to the top groups on LinkedIn | Interactive Engagement from start to finish | Designed using industry leading knowledge, skills, and strategies.

Engagement Process:

What is the Process?

The content will be initially developed offline which is a comprehensive process; you will receive the 1st draft document for review and feedback; based on your feedback, all necessary updates will be applied to ensure 100% accuracy; a temporary password is then required, where I go into your profile and make everything completely private for security and privacy reasons so no updates or profile access are available; all of the on-page optimization is then completed from start-to-finish; you are immediately contacted upon completion for the final review; once your confirmation is received that everything is ready to go-live; your profile is then made public, all of your skills endorsed, and your profile connected with the top groups to maximize networking capabilities.

Why Leverage LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the Professional’s Networking site and your image matters. Professionally branding your image is critical for boosting your career development and advancement. Perception is reality and you need to control the information that people see about you. We will enhance the best details of your professional history and minimize the unnecessary clutter that can be preventing your success.


What is the timeline?

T1 Week from start-to-finish (Included)
Comprehensive process, customized specifically for each individual and no two profiles are the same.

Linkedin Expert:

Who will be completing my LinkedIn profile optimization?


Keith Lawrence Miller, M.A., NCRW, BCC, PCC, CPRW is LinkedIn’s #1 Recommended (400+) Multi-Certified and Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW): Considered the Ph.D. of Resume Writing; Board-Certified Coach (BCC); and ICF Credentialed Certified Career Coach (PCC) who holds a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Psychology (Human Behavior in the Workplace) from Columbia University, Advanced Certificate in Collective Intelligences from Columbia University; and EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification. He is the owner and operator of Ivy League Resumes with 15+ years of extensive experience, guiding diverse clients across various specialties from students to C-level/Chairman of $MM/$Bn Fortune 500 organizations, involving résumés, LinkedIn profiles, and career coaching engagements.

  • #1 Recommended Executive Resume Writer and Career Coach on LinkedIn (400+ Recommendations) | 500+ 5 Star Reviews on Upwork
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) Deemed Ph.D. of Resume Writing/Top 99.9% of Resume Writers
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) Columbia University | Business Psychology Practitioner
  • Board Certified Career Coach (BCC)/ Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC-ICF)
  • Columbia University Alumni Career Coach (Founding Member)
  • Multi-Certified Resume Writer