Interview Coaching

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  • 1 Hour Coaching
  • Mock Interview with Custom Feedback
  • Co-Develop Personalized Script for each question (Align your story with the requirements)
  • Cover all questions asked in the structured interview
  • Demystify the interview process
  • Recorded Session for continued study
  • Experiential Learning

The interview coaching session is conducted via Skype and covers all of the questions that will be asked during the interview. We will co-develop your script regarding your background information, expertise and main achievements in alignment with the requirements of the target position goals. A process is developed to ace the interview which can be used for all future interviews rather than just once. A recording is included for continued study.

We will have an in-depth mock interview and I will provide extensive feedback on your answers as well as insight on how to answer all the questions correctly. You will receive an analysis of the hiring manager and what they are looking for from the ideal candidate and how to provide the content they are seeking. I will also answer any questions you have regarding negotiations, best practices, etc.

The interview coaching process adjusts for all behavioral issues and you will receive extensive feedback on perception, content delivery and expectations. The session takes approximately 1 hour to complete and the process is intense, experiential and comprehensive. This method has been proven effective and supported by consistent client success with interviews across various sectors from entry level up to C-level.