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March 2023
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Diamond Coaching Model

The Diamond Coaching Model Framework created to define the coaching engagement allows for the client to reach actualization.

This process allows the coach and client to cohesively identify the correct situational challenge through targeted research, self-leadership introspection, resolving barriers that create negative conflict, and identifying proper actions that leads to meeting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals.

The coach and client research background information associated with specific situations that are in need of change or development. Introspection involves creating self-awareness concerning feelings and beliefs associated with specific situations. We are sometimes blind to situations because we unconsciously allow our emotions and underlying beliefs to inhibit us from discovering the answer.

The coaching conversation is based in research and introspection before action or conflict resolution can take place depending on the client’s abilities. Beliefs, values, and feelings are very strong motivators and need to be fully understood before moving forward. After dealing with and uncovering known and unknown criteria – Conflict resolution is when the client starts to develop strategic action-oriented procedures that could potentially be implemented into immediate action. The coach provides a sounding board and honest constructive feedback loop to clear the thinking zone for focus and co-identify the most successful, efficient, and appropriate line of action.

This is innovation at its best (seriously) – Ideas begin to take shape that were once only a distant thought, but now become reality. Creating conscious awareness around achievement and enhancing inner motivation to succeed becomes a focal point where the client excels from the inside out.

Harmonization concerns a concentrated focus on specific actions that will return optimal results that feel and behave fluidly with the client. The client has a sense of commitment to themselves and the process of meeting their needs through deliberate effort. They co-develop a strategic game plan that they take ownership of and develop a single-minded nature about accomplishing the actions needed to meet their goals.

Self-actualization is the feeling when the action is complete and the client reflects on their level of commitment, skill and precision on taking action, and the inner strength they exhibited when targeting their ultimate goal. The loop continues to the next challenge because life is a never-ending string of challenges.

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