10 Tips for Writing a Great Legal Resume

10 Tips for Writing a Great Legal Resume


Make your resume unique for every job application by emphasizing accomplishments, experiences, and applicable abilities.

Tailor Your Resume


Prioritize legal research, writing, case management, and negotiating skills.

Highlight Legal Skills


Your accomplishments, such as successful case results, client victories, or income generated, can be measured with figures and metrics.

Quantify Achievements


Give a detailed account of your legal background, including any applicable volunteer work, internships, and clerkships.

Showcase Legal Experience


Clearly state your bar admissions, including jurisdiction and date.

Include Bar Admission


Mention your legal education, degree, GPA (if noteworthy), and any applicable awards or certificates.

Education and Credentials


Write a strong synopsis that emphasizes your background in law, your goals for the future, and what makes you stand out from the competition.

Professional Summary


To successfully communicate your successes and responsibilities, begin bullet points with powerful action verbs.

Use Action Verbs


Use bullet points and appropriate spacing to create a professional, clear, and easy-to-read resume format.

Format Wisely


Remove typos, grammatical mistakes, and consistency issues to make your resume look clean and official.

Proofread Thoroughly