500+ LinkedIn Professional Network Connections

500+ LinkedIn Professional Network Connections


Connect your profile with 500+ professional and high-level connections that are influential within various industries. Align your profile with all the highest rated groups to boost your professional network further, allowing you to send your documents directly to hiring personnel via LinkedIn.

Get the premium network that works for you and maximize the potential of LinkedIn. Perception is reality and having a strong professional network of leading professionals promotes quality and worth to your audience which improves your financial value. Social networking is the most valuable aspect of the leading graduate universities but networking through LinkedIn does not come with the $100k price tag. Having limited connections shows a weakness to propel professionally and a lack of ability to network professionally which damages your professional brand and value.

This service transforms your professional presentation and promotes you as a leading, in-demand professional with a strong network. The value is exponential and the cost is far below the short & long-term value. Further, many of these professionals who are also seeking to grow their professional networks will randomly endorse your skills without request which increases your status on LinkedIn. There is a tipping point or snowball effect that happens where your LinkedIn profile receives attention which promotes more attention and increases you ability to secure multiple opportunities for career growth and achievement.

I will connect your profile with 500+ professional connections including recruiters and hiring managers that are well connected across several industries which will allow you to connect and communicate with them and their high-level connections. This will boost the ranking of your profile within LinkedIn as well as allow you to send your documents directly to the hiring managers of your targeted jobs that will be identified via LinkedIn and so much more. LinkedIn is your online resume; this process is very comprehensive and takes approximately 20 days to complete.